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Precision Reality

Asset Management

The Precision Reality™ asset management solution features a powerful toolset to aggregate, manage, organize, and geo-locate portfolios of buildings, sites, and assets, as well as market intelligence layers and project management tools to ensure alignment of data with business processes.


With a simple an easy intuitive interface, the app offers the ultimate customer experience from any device. It has been designed to work on the small glass of any smartphone device to the large screens of modern desktop computers. Accessibility to the data housed within is not impeded by any device in the marketplace. This is core to the product - allowing users ease of access through the convenience of their respective communication devices.


The dashboard is a customizable, layered mapping analytical platform that integrates, and serves as a single repository for all data – Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Security, IT, Legal etc. It allows the individual user (or team) to manage, store, aggregate, collaborate and disseminate large amounts of data quickly for more accurate, informed and faster decisions, saving the end users and each business unit time.


Your information is protected. It’s that simple. A security technology overview is available on request.


The dashboard app does not limit the number of users, amount of data, number of videos or images on its platform. The adjustment of users requires less than 24 hours to implement through an automated portal.


It is flexible to clients’ individual user roles and permissions, all of which are clearly defined and controlled by the site administrator/ manager or through the administrative portal. Controls are in place to provide visibility to certain aspects of the system as invariably entities adding information to the system will have different roles within the real estate process. This is key to maintaining integrity and security throughout the project’s life cycle as well as the company information surrounding a project. Permissioning is unlimited and rapidly adjusted for the unexpected but usually needed - change of accessibility.


Accountability and transparency lead to fact-based decisions and a reduction in any business line’s bottleneck or ambiguity. Data is key to supporting and solving this and the dashboard provides the end user the most timely and accurate data available on a project - in real time. Because the system is shared by all parties involved in the project, (internally and externally), there is nowhere for information to hide or be stored outside of the reach of the decision maker(s) and thereby allowing controls and instant adjustments, when needed.

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Portfolio Management

A layered approach that starts with a map view, Precision Reality offers portfolio management software that stores asset data and allows you to visualize it to make decisions faster.

Complete database management system for a global real estate portfolio

Instant analytics on any data set relative to a portfolio

Aggregate all enterprise files and workflows in a single portal - Human Resources, Operations, Finance, Security, IT, Legal etc.

Unique layering process enables all internal and external business intelligence to be visualized and manipulated in real time

Project Management

Connect projects to current or future portfolio locations.  Aggregate, store and present the information needed to move a project along in its life-cycle.  Engage stakeholders and communicate milestones with chat and reporting features.

Extensive permissioning/governance is associated with each project to effectuate a “crowd sourcing” approach to data ingestion

Instant messenger feature enables users to effortlessly communicate with all authorized stakeholders in the system.

View & manage all project elements including Project Status, Milestones/Deadlines, Areas of Delay, Reports, Stakeholders, and More

Powerful Features

Manage all aspects of your portfolio and related projects with a robust toolset that collects, organizes, and analyzes data to create faster, more efficient workflows and decisions.

Geo-Locate Assets on Intelligence Layers

Toggle Layers for Locations, Customers, Employees, and Market Alternatives

Store Portfolio Documentation

Eliminate the Need for Paper Surveys. Simply Upload a Spreadsheet to the Dashboard.

Collaborate & Communicate

Communicate Real Time with All Stakeholders in the System to Crowd Source & Assign Tasks & Responsibilities

Track & Analyze

Run Detailed Analyses on Layered Data Including Density Charts, Distance & Time Analysis